MeetTechtomakeADifference written by Patrick Meier, focuses on Information Communication Technology, specifically talking about projects like Ushahidi’s crowdsourcing mapping platform promotes more distributed, real-time information on situational awareness in conflict situations. It is all about using technology to make the world a better place. This one — focuses on people in areas of conflict, getting them the tools and the resources to communicate and disseminate info to the necessary responders.

On a Google Blog Post a few months ago, a group of ICT professionals got together to talk about how to use technology to increase energy efficiency. Here too, I applaud the leaders of Intel and other technology giants, for taking responsibility to look at the global picture. We need to be informed so that we can make informed decisions. i.e. a tool on our refrigerators which help us to monitor how much electricity we are using. NOBODY understands their ConEd Bills. Can’t we have a better way to measure the amount of electricity we are (most of the time) wasting so that we will all be MUCH more careful about our usage?


October 18, 2010. Uncategorized.

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